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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Stand Out From The Crowd With Arabian Perfume
By: Frederick Mitchell

There is no need for you to go to Abu Dhabi to be able to wear the alluring scents of Arabia. If you want to leave people on the street thinking if Queen Rania or a musky Lawrence of Arabia just walked by, browse through a wide selection of Arabian, Arabic, and Islamic Perfume from the comfort of your own home.

How is Arabic perfume different from the perfume I usually use?
Fragrances usually have deep cultural roots, just like food. It's like thinking of how Italian cuisine differs from French one. Arabic Perfumes often emphasize spicy, warm notes of sandal mixed with sweet notes of jasmine or rose. An "Attar" has oil extracted from many indigenous flowers in it. No matter what your choice will be, you will delight the western crowd with your unique scent.

I have my favorite scents, why should I buy Arabic perfume?
Aside from the fact that we live in a global culture, and through the Internet one can easily procure scents which have their origins in an ancient culture, you should try something different! And who knows -- your spouse may just be defenseless against hints of rose and sandalwood. Take your spouse by storm with an Islamic perfume, or ignite the evening with smoldering Attar.

Is Islamic perfume for religious purposes?
I want to smell appealing, not religious. It is recommended to use Islamic perfume when attending gatherings of people or going to the mosque, and especially for Friday prayers and for the Eid prayers, as authentically established from the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and give him peace). Furthermore, it is not specific for actions of worship, rather Muslims are encouraged to wear perfume when meet someone. So in actuality, its not limited to Worship only.

I'm not really looking for a feminine fragrance...
Not problem at all. Men will find a fine that there is an array of musky Arabian perfume that will give them a masculine edge. Sport the woody aromas of luxurious Attar. Bid farewell to your outdated bottle of Calvin Klein. Believe me; you will not go back to your usual perfume!

Exotic Arabian scents would be great in my home, but not on my body
You are very lucky, because burning incense is very common in Arabic cultures. Most Arabic incense is similar to the perfumes. There is a great choice of soaps and body lotions you can use, if intensity is not what you're after. Usually Arabic perfumes and fragrance products come in a beautiful traditional casing that will look nice as a part of your home decoration. So be adventurous and mix it up - add a hint of the Arabia to your life!

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